This young and dynamic organization strongly believes in human capital and invests in highly qualified team , young graduates and researchers to develop our business philosophy of technical-scientific knowledge and data reliability.


Originally called “Food & Technology Consulting s.a.s. of Ersilia Arace & C. “, the company Arace Laboratori S.r.l. was born in 2009.

The company is the strong idea of a young researcher who, at the peak of her university career, decides to make a dream come true: to build a highly qualified chemical and biological laboratory with a strong focus on customer needs.


In 2012 Arace Laboratori obtained the first ACCREDIA accreditation. This is the sole national accreditation body appointed by the Italian government in compliance with the application of the European Regulation 765/2008. It attests the competence, independence and impartiality of certification, inspection and verification bodies, as well as testing and calibration laboratories. Today, there are many accredited tests.


The laboratory has an important know-how, acquired over the years; Arace Lab has collaborated with prestigious companies; our “research and development” sector is the research center for innovative processes and technologies in the food and environmental sector.


  • Advanced equipment
  • Analysis & consultancy by specialized analytical data specialists
  • Quality
  • Competence and reliability
  • Speed results
  • Direct contact with the staff


Arace lab invests in modern technologies and highly qualified staff. It is a benchmark for its customers about continuous assistance.


“The Staff is highly specialized in chemistry and biology and the scientific equipment is up to date. Our organization is an important BENCHMARK public authority and companies.”

“The analyzes are performed using official test methods. The laboratory participates in national and international circuit – test, so as to guarantee the quality of the data .”

“Arace Laboratori owns modern and sophisticated equipment and uses completely automated processes, capable of working 24 hours a day.”