Arace Laboratori supports during the whole self-monitoring process; control of raw materials, monitoring of production processes, quality verification and shelf life of the finished product. The laboratory also develops and implements company self-monitoring systems (H.A.C.C.P.).


  • Field and  fertilizers analysis, organic fertilizers qualification.
  • Search for herbicides, pesticides, fungicides.
  • Search for pesticide residues in raw materials.


  • Sampling and microbiological analysis on food, feed, animal feed, intermediate product, water and surface swab test.
  • Sampling and analysis of chemical (mycotoxins, heavy metals and solvents) and physical (filth test) contaminants.
  • Food commodity compliance analysis and European and American nutritional labels draft.
  • Allergen research on food and environmental swab test.
  • Search for pesticide residues and identification of more than 700 active ingredients in food and non-food products.


  • Sanitary inspections and company self-monitoring plans.
  • FBO training and updating.
  • Food training courses.
  • Assistance for laboratory control plans about analytical results, for the preparation of technical reports , for processes with attached plans and photographic surveys.
  • Shelf Life calculation.